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1. i see. 我明确了拉。

2. i quit么! 我不干了拉!

3. let go麽! 松手么!

4. me too. 我也是了。

5. my god么! 天哪啦!

6. no way啦! 不可拉!

7. come on. 来吧(赶忙)

8. hold on. 等一等呢。

9. i agree啦。 我赞成呢。

10. not bad. 还不错了。

11. not yet. 还没啦。

12. see you. 再会啦。

13. shut up啦! 闭嘴么!

14. so long. 再会呢。

15. why not? 好呀啦! (为何不呢?)

16. allow me. 让我来呀。

17. be quiet么! 平静点麽!

18. cheer up啦! 振作起来么!

19. good job呀! 做得好啦!

20. have fun麽! 玩得高兴啦!

21. how much? 几多?

22. i&39;m home. 我归来了呀。

24. i&39;s up? 有什麽事吗?

42. be careful麽! 注重麽!

43. bottoms up吧! 干杯(见底)麽!

44. don&39;m single. 我是单身贵族了。

49. keep it up拉! 坚持下去呀!

50. let me see.让我想一想拉。

51. never mind.没关系了。

52. no problem拉! 没疑吧!

53. that&39;s new? 有什麽新鲜事吗?

56. count me on 算上我呢。

57. don&39;m his fan啦。 我是她的影迷了。

61. is it yours? 这是您的吗?

62. that&39;m on a diet. 我在节食呀。

75. keep in touch. 维持联系呀。

76. time is money. 时候便是款项啦。

77. who&39;s it going? 怎样?

85. i have no idea. 我有无眉目呢。

86. i just made it吧! 我做成了么!

87. i&39;m in a hurry吧! 我在赶时间啦!

89. it&39;s up to you. 由您决策啦。

91. just wonderful呀! 实在太棒了吧!

92. what about you? 您呢?

93. you owe me one.您欠我一位情面了。

94. you&39;t help it. 我不由自主呢。

99. i don&39;ll fix you up. 我会帮您料理的了。

101. it sounds great拉!. 听起身很不错了。

102. it&39;s everything? 所有还好吧?

111. i have no choice. 我别无选择呀。

112. i like ice-cream. 我喜爱吃冰淇淋了。

113. i love this game. 我宠爱这项活动拉。

114. i&39;m on your side. 我全力支持您啦。

116. long time no see啦! 好久不见麽!

117. no pain,no gain. 不劳无获呢。

118. well,it depends 噢,这得看情形呀。

119. we&39;t count on me.别盼望我呢。

126. don&39;t let me down. 别让我缺乏信心呀。

128. easy come easy go. 来得简单,去得快呀。

129. i beg your pardon. 请您宽容呀。

130. i beg your pardon? 请你再说一遍(我有无听清)呢。

131. i&39;ll check it out. 我去查检察了。

133. it’s a long story. 说来话长了。

134. it’s sunday today. 今日是星期天了。

135. just wait and see么! 等着瞧麽!

136. make up your mind. 做个决策吧呢。

137. that&39;s kicking off? 而今是谁在开?

145. yes,i suppose so. 是的,我也这么以为呢。

146. you can&39;t be so modest. 别谦虚了了。

149. don&39;t follow you. 我不懂您说的啦。

153. i felt sort of ill. 我感受有点不适呀。

154. i have a good idea麽! 我有一位好主见了。

155. it is growing cool. 气候慢慢凉快起身啦。

156. it seems all right. 由此可见这没疑了。

157. it&39;s a good idea. 这一个主张真不错呀。

161. the answer is zero. 白忙了啦。

162. what does she like? 他喜好什麽?

163. as soon as possible么! 越快越好拉!

164. he can hardly speak. 她全部说不出话来拉。

165. he always talks big. 她老是吹水了。

166. he won an election. 她在推举中得胜了。

167. i am a football fan. 我是个迷了。

168. if only i could fly. 假如我能飞就好了啦。

169. i&39;ll see you at six. 我六点钟见您了。

171. is it true or false? 这是对的仍然错的?

172. just read it for me. 就读给我听好了拉。

173. knowledge is power. 常识便是力气了。

174. move out of my way啦! 闪开吧!

175. time is running out. 没时候了呢。

176. we are good friends. 咋们是好同伴拉。

177. what&39;t lose your head呀。 不-要手忙脚乱拉。

182. he can&39;s against the law. 这是犯法的了。

189. love me,love my dog. (谚语)爱屋及乌呢。

190. my mouth is watering. 我要流口水了拉。

191. speak louder,please. 谈话请高声点儿拉。

192. this boy has no job. 这一个男孩有无事情呀。

193. this house is my own. 这所屋子是我我的拉。

194. what happened to you? 您怎样了?

195. you are just in time. 您来得就是时刻呀。

196. you need to workout. 您须要去活动磨炼一下了。

197. your hand feels cold. 您的手摸起身很冷啦。呢。

198. don&39;t trust to chance麽! 不-要试好运呀。

200. fasten your seat belt. 系好您的安全带呀。

201. he has a large income. 她有很高的利润拉。

202. he looks very healthy. 她由此可见很安康了。

203. he paused for a reply. 她停下来等着·回覆拉。

204. he repaired his house. 她修补了她的屋子啦。

205. he suggested a picnic. 她倡议搞一次野餐呢。

206. here&39;ll have to try that. 我得尝尝这么作了。

211. i&39;t make sense. 这有无意思(分歧常理)呢。

213. make yourself at home. 请不-要拘礼了。

214. my car needs washing. 我的车须要洗一洗啦。

215. none of your business啦! 与您没有关系麽!

216. not a sound was heard. 一点聲音也有无拉。

217. that&39;s wrong with you? 您那里不对劲?

222. you are a chicken. 您是个懦夫了。

223. a lovely day,isn&39;t make up. 妈妈不化装呀。

235. oh,you are kidding me. 哦,你别拿我开顽笑了拉。

236. she has been to school. 他入学去了啦。

237. skating is interesting. 溜冰很意思了。

238. supper is ready at six. 晚饭六点钟就好了了。

239. that&39;t care about me. 她并不在乎我了。

249. i develop films myself. 我我冲洗照片了。

250. i felt no regret for it. 对这一件事我不以为懊悔呀。

251. i get up at six o&39;m fed up with my work拉! 我对事情烦死了拉!

256. it&39;s under the weather. 他心绪·不佳拉。

258. the child sobbed sadly. 小孩伤心地哭泣着呀。

259. the rumor had no basis. 那流言有无·依照了。

260. they praised him highly. 你们大大地表彰了她了。

261. winter is a cold season. 冬季是一位,严寒的节气了。

262. you can call me any time. 您能够随时打电话给我呀。

263. 15 divided by3 equals 5. 15除以3即是5了。

264. all for one,one for all. 我为人人,人人为我呀。

265. east,west,home is best. 金窝,银窝,不妨我的草窝呢。

266. he grasped both my hands. 她紧握住我的双手拉。

267. he is physically mature. 她身材己发育成熟呀。

268. i am so sorry about this. 对此我十分抱-歉(遗憾)啦。

269. i can&39;ll just play it by ear. 我到时见机行事呀。

276. i&39;m not used to drinking. 我不风俗饮酒啦。

278. is the cut still painful? 伤口还在疼吗?

279. it&39;s not waste our time. 我们别浪费时间了了。

282. may i ask some questions? 我能够几个疑吗?

283. money is not everything. 款项不-是统统了。

284. neither of the men spoke. 2个人都没说过话呀。

285. stop making such a noise. 别吵了拉。

286. that makes no difference. 没什么区分呢。

287. the price is reasonable. 价还算恰当呢。

288. they crowned him king. 你们拥立她为国王啦。

289. they&39;s your goal in life 您的人生目标是什麽?

294. when was the house built? 这幢屋子是什麽时刻建设的?

295. why did you stay at home? 为何呆在家里?

296. would you like some help? 今日真美丽吧!

297. you mustn&39;re really killing me麽! 真是笑死我了呀!

299. you&39;t cry over spilt milk. 不-要作没有好处的懊悔呀。

304. don&39;s time you went to bed. 您早就该睡觉了拉。

320. no spitting on the street. 不准在街道上吐痰啦。

321. she was totally exhausted. 他累垮了啦。

322. show your tickets,please. 请出示您的呢。

323. thank you for your advice. 感谢您的倡议呢。

324. that&39;t bite么! 吠犬不咬人啦。

334. are you free this saturday? 您这一个星期六得空吗?

335. be careful not to fall ill. 注重不-要得病了呢。

336. being a mother is not easy. 作一位母亲是不简单的呢。

337. brevity is the soul of wit. 简练是聪明才智的精髓拉。

338. cancer is a deadly disease. 症是1种致命的病症了。

339. did you fight with others? 您又和他人打斗了吗?

340. don&39;t keep me waiting long. 不-要让我等得比较久了。

342. he has a remarkable memory. 她有惊人的记忆力啦。

343. he has completed the task. 她完结了这一个任-务了。

344. he has quite a few friends. 她有很多的同伴了。

345. he is capable of any crime. 她什么样的不好的事都才干得进去拉。

346. he walks with a quick pace. 她快走走路呀。

347. he was not a little tired. 她很累呢。

348. his looks are always funny. 她的模样老是滑稽可笑呢。

349. how about going to a movie? 去看场影视怎样?

350. i think i&39;m very glad to hear that. 很开心听您这个样子说呀。

354. i&39;s none of your business呀! 这不关您的事儿么!

356. no littering on the campus. 在校园内不可以乱丢垃圾呢。

357. she is a good-looking girl. 他是一位漂亮女孩呀。

358. she mended the broken doll. 他修补了破了的洋娃娃啦。

359. so i just take what i want. 那样的我只拿我所须要的东-西呀。

360. spring is a pretty season, 春季是一位好节气拉。

361. the figure seems all right. 数量看起来是对的了。

362. the stars are too far away. 星星太迢遥了呀。

363. the whole world knows that. 全都晓得呢。

364. tomorrow will be a holiday. 再过一天放假呀。

365. we walk on the garden path. 咋们走在花圃小径上呢。

366. what you need is just rest. 您须要的便是歇息呀。

367. what&39;d better let her alone. 他们最棒是让他一位人呆会儿呢。

369. a lost chance never returns. 错过的机遇永不再来拉。

370. don&39;t think you are right. 我以为您是不对的啦。

373. i have never seen the movie. 我从未看过那部影视了。

374. i haven&39;s a friendly competition. 这是一场友谊赛呢。

378. it&39;t fit right. 这双鞋不太适合呢。

390. this is only the first half. 这才是上半场呢呀。

391. this pen doesn&39;t keep the truth from me. 别瞒着我事实真相了。

397. everything has its beginning. 凡事都有开始了。

398. he came to the point at once. 她一会儿就说到了点子上了。

399. he fell behind with his work. 她事情落伍了拉。

400. he is the happiest man alive. 她是世界上最高兴的人呀。

401. he neither smokes nor drinks. 她既不吸烟也不饮酒啦。

402. he ran his horse up the hill. 她策马跑上小山啦。

403. he reminds me of his brother. 她使我想起了她的小弟呢。

404. he was efficient in his work. 她工作效率高呀。

405. he will do anything but work. 只想要不-是干活,她干什么都行拉。

406. his father runs a restaurant. 她的爸爸经-营全家餐馆呢。

407. i have something to tell you. 我有事要告知您呀。

408. i smelled a smell of cooking. 我闻到了烧菜做饭的滋味拉。

409. i want to see the film again. 我真想再看一遍呀。

410. i&39;s go for a walk,shall we? 我们出来逛逛,好吗?

412. please let me check the bill. 请让我核查一下帐单了。

413. plenty of sleep is healthful. 足够的睡觉有益于安康了。

414. the sun comes up in the east. 太阳从东边升起了。

415. this is because we feel pain. 这是因为咋们能感觉痛苦悲伤了。

416. what do you desire me to do? 您要我作什麽?

417. what you said was quite true. 您所说的一切符合事实啦。

418. you can either stay or leave. 您或许留下或许走开呀。

419. your life is your own affair. 您的生涯是您本人的事拉。

420. all that glitters is not gold. 发闪光的不全是黄金拉。

421. are you going to have a party? 您要举办集会吗?

422. aren&39;t forget to keep in touch. 别忘了保持联系呢。

424. he broke his words once again. 她又一次违反了信誉啦。

425. he is in his everyday clothes. 她穿戴平时的衣裳了。

426. he is taller than i by ahead. 她比我高一头呀。

427. he led them down the mountain. 她带你们下山了。

428. he was trained to be a lawyer. 她被培育成一位状师呢。

429. i am afraid that l have to go. 我要走了拉。

430. i don&39;ve got to start working out. 我必需最先作健身运动了了。

436. japan is to the east of china. 日本在祖国的东部呢。

437. john asked grace to marry him, 约翰向格雷斯求婚拉。

438. my watch is faster than yours. 我的表比您的表快呀。

439. new china was founded in l949. 1949年新祖国建立了。

440. thanks for your flattering me. 多谢您的夸赞啦。

441. they charged the fault on him. 你们把差错归咎于她呢。

442. this car is in good condition. 这车功能很好呀。

443. this work itself is very easy. 这一件事情自身很简单呀。

444. truth is the daughter of time. 时候见真谛啦。

445. we look forward to your visit. 希望你的莅临拉。

446. what do you think of this one? 你以为这一个怎样模样

447. what&39;m sorry to have bothered you. 对不起,打搅您了呢。

461. it is not so easy as you think. 这事有无您设想的那样的简易呢。

462. keep your temper under control. 不-要发脾气拉。 .

463. lying and stealing are immoral. 撒谎和偷盗都是不道德的啦。

464. my efforts resulted in nothing. 我的勤奋毫无结果了。

465. my false teeth are stuck to it. 我的假牙还在上面呢拉!

466. she is a composer for the harp. 他是位写竖琴曲的作曲家

467. take me to the airport,please. 请送我去机场呢。

468. talking with you is a pleasure. 和您说话很高兴

469. the eggs are sold by the dozen. 鸡蛋按打卖了。

470. the price just covers the cost. 这一个价恰好对消本拉。

471. the sweater is of good quality. 这一件毛衣质地很好了。

472. the teacher got a little angry. 导师有点气愤了呢。

473. think carefully before you act. 三思而后行啦。

474. walt invented the steam engine. 瓦特制造了蒸汽机了。

475. we are divided in our opinions. 咋们意见分歧呢。

476. what ever i said,he&39;t care. 您看上去似乎毫不在意了。

479. you should look at it yourself. 您应当亲身看看他呀。

480. draw your chair up to the table. 把您的椅子拉到桌子傍边来拉。

481. he covered himself with a quilt. 她给本人盖上一条被呀。

482. he found my lecture interesting. 她以为我授课意思呀。

483. he had a good many friends here. 她在这儿有许多同伴呢。

484. he is only about five feet high. 她也许仅有五英尺高呀。

485. her family are all music lovers. 他全家人都是音乐爱好者呢。

486. i am busy.how is your business? 我很忙了。您的买卖作得怎么样?

487. i don&39;m not guessing,i really know. 我不-是在料想,我确实晓得拉。

493. it&39;s watch tv with a candle on. 我们点上烛炬看电视吧拉。

495. most games cost about that much. 多数差一点都是这一个价格呀。

496. my parents want me to go abroad. 我爸妈想让我出国呢。

497. she has been collecting stamps. 他不停搜集邮呀。

498. there are many stars in the sky. 天堂有许多星星呀。

499. we get to london this afternoon. 咋们是今天下午抵达伦敦的拉。

500. what about having a pizza first? 先吃点比萨饼怎样?

501. you&39;m talking about. 我想您晓得我在说什麽啦。

503. he has been sick for three weeks. 她曾经病了几周了了。

504. he inspected the car for defects. 她一五一十搜查车子有失效障拉。

505. i count you as one of my friends 我把您看成我的一位同伴呢。

506. i go to school by bike every day. 我天天骑自行车入学拉。

507. i have a large collection of cds. 我搜集了许多唱片啦。

508. i won&39;ll call a taxi in case of need. 假如需要的话,我会叫出租车的拉。

510. is there any sugar in the bottle? 瓶子里另有糖吗?

511. it&39;s very kind of you to help me. 您帮-助我真是太好了呀。

513. let&39;re suffering from an allergy? 您过敏吗?

534. beyond all questions you are right. 毫无疑,您是对的啦。

535. but i plan to weed the yard today. 我谋划今日除院子里的草啦。

536. but who will do all the house work? 可是这一些家务活谁来作呢?

537. close the door after you,please. 请随手关门拉。

538. come to see me whenever you like呀。 您能够随时来见我拉。

539. don&39;d like to look at some sweaters. 我想看看毛衣呀。

552. its origin is still a mystery now. 他的来源至今仍是个谜呢。

553. money is no more than our servant. 款项但是是咋们的佣人啦。

554. once you begin,you must continue. 一旦最先,您就得持续呢。

555. she is poor but quite respectable. 他虽穷,品德却很正派啦。

556. she spent a lot of money on books. 他花了许多来买书拉。

557. the girl in red is his girlfriend. 穿红衣服的哪个女孩是她的女朋友拉。

558. there is a chair below the window. 窗户底下有一把椅子啦。

559. they employed him as a consultant. 你们聘用她为参谋啦。

560. to be honest with you,i&39;t doubt that he will help me. 我不测他会赞助我啦。

576. i hope you enjoy your stay with us. 盼望你在这儿过的高兴啦。

577. i&39;s nothing to be surprised about. 这事不值得少见多怪啦。

579. it&39;s take a short break for lunch. 让咋们歇息一下子,去吃午餐拉。

582. linda speaks as if she were a boss. 琳达谈话总好象他是老板呀。

583. she became more and more beautiful. 他变的愈加美丽了了。

584. suppose it rains,what shall we do? 万一下雨,咋们该怎么办?

585. the book is protected by copyright. 该书受版权保护了。

586. the ice is hard enough to skate on. 冰曾经厚得能够划冰了呀。

587. the price includes postage charges. 价包罗邮资在内了。

588. this is a little something for you. 这是我给他们的一点情意呀。

589. what he likes best is making jokes. 她最喜爱开顽笑了。

590. who but jack would do such a thing? 除杰克谁会作这类事呢?

591. you should have a mind of your own. 您必需有本人的主意啦。

592. you will soon get used to the work. 您很快就会习惯于这项事情的拉。

593. columbus discovered america in l492. 哥伦布于1492年发觉了美洲拉。

594. god helps those who he1p themselves. 天主帮-助那些本人帮本人的人了。

595. he has a nice sum of money put away. 他存了一大笔呢。

596. he is heavily insured against death. 她给本人投了巨额的人身保险了。

597. he used to learn everything by rote. 她以前老是不理解用记忆力死板地背诵下来呢。

598. he&39;s angry. 她气愤的时刻很恐怖拉。

599. i am on my way to the grocery store. 我现在去杂货店的路上拉。

600. i am sick of always waiting for you麽! 您,老让我等您,真是烦透了呀。

601. i appreciate john&39;s advice. 我将讨教醫生的看法呀。

606. ice cream is popular among children. 冰淇淋深受儿子们的迎接啦。

607. i&39;t any water in the bottle. 瓶子里一点水也有无拉。

619. this joke has gone a little too far. 这一个笑话开得有点-过火了呢。

620. we arrived in london this afternoon了。 咋们是今天下午抵达伦敦的了。

621. we can&39;ll furnish my house with furniture. 我要为我的屋子购置家具呢。

630. it seemed as if there was no way out. 看情形好像有无前途了拉。

631. it&39;ve had so far. 这是迄今为止我经验的最热的一天了。

632. mr. smith is in charge of this class. 史密斯导师负-责该班呀。

633. mr. smith taught english at a school. 史密斯帅哥在一所学堂教英语拉。

634. none of us is afraid of difficulties.咋们之中有无一位人惧怕难题了。

635. our school is in the east of beijing. 咋们学堂在北京的东部啦。

636. she really wishes her clock had rung. 他真盼望今日凌晨他的闹钟响了啦。

637. she teaches foreign students chinese. 他教其他国家學生汉语拉。

638. the question will be settled tonight. 这一个疑将在今晚处理呀。

639. the weight is too much for my height. 对应于我的身高来讲,体重比较重了么!

640. there are mice in mrs. lee&39;ll be some sport reviews on tv. 电视上会有一些谈论啦。

643. this company is our regular customer. 这家公司是咋们的老客户啦。

644. this is a good example of his poetry. 这是她诗作的一位好按例了。

645. what we read influences our thinking. 咋们所阅览的书籍会影响咋们的想法了。

646. words can&39;t be uneasy about the consequence.没必要为结果担心不安啦。

652. even a child can answer this question.即便儿童都能回覆这一个疑呢。

653. he has many strange ideas in his mind. 她脑子里尽足奇思怪想呀。

654. he is commonly supposed to be foolish.她是公认的傻瓜了。

655. he sat with his arms across the chest. 她双臂交织于胸前的坐在那边啦。

656. he set up a fine example to all of us. 她为咋们建立了一位好榜样呀。

657. his cake is four times as big as mine. 她的蛋糕是我的四倍大拉。

658. i do not care whether it rains or not. 我不论天会不会下雨了。

659. i have a lot in common with my sister. 我和我姐姐有许多相同之处啦。

660. i haven&39;m looking forward to a prompt reply.盼快速回复呢。

662. it is an excellent novel in every way. 不管从哪方方面面来看,这都是一本优异的小说拉。

663. it is clear that the cat has eaten it么!很分明,是猫偷吃的拉!

664. nothing but death can part the couple.除死以外,什麽也拆不散这一对呢。

665. now she looks pale as if she were ill.而今他神色不好看,似乎病了同样啦。

666. she was injured badly in the accident.他在这一次料想不到中遭到重度的伤害拉。

667. the secret was spread among the crowd.隐秘在人群之中流传开来啦。

668. the two brothers look very much alike. 这兄弟俩看上去很相像呢。

669. their interest is listening to others. 你们的爱好是听他人谈话拉。

670. there was a notice in the supermarket. 商场里有一位公告啦。

671. this one cannot compare with that one. 这一个与哪个没法对比了。

672. to know everything is to know nothing. 样样通,样样松呢。

673. to tell the truth, i don&39;s the point of going to college? 上大-学有何用?

676. where can we make the insurance claim? 咋们能够在那里提出保险补偿?这一个没法与哪个对比呢。

677. why don&39;t you attend an aerobic class? 您为何不去参与一位有氧健身班呢?

679. you can kill two birds with one stone.一石二鸟拉。

680. you can&39;t make this machine run properly.我没法使这部机械平常运行了。

686. i don&39;ll have the patience.我不晓得我有无耐性拉。

687. i don&39;t know how to express my gratitude. 我不晓得怎么样来表明我的感谢之情呢。我要赶飞机

705. i have to catch a plane. could you hurry?您能快点吗?我很久有无他的新闻了呢。

706. i haven&39;s license, please. 请让我看看您的驾驶执照呀。

709. she goes to work every day except sunday. 除星期天外,她天天去工作啦。

710. take a seat please, make yourself at home.请座,随你的意思一点了。

711. the damage was caused by external forces. 损伤是由外力引发的呀。

712. the doctor advised me to give up smoking.醫生倡议我戒烟拉。

713. the flowers make the room more beautiful.花使闺房变的越发美了了。

714. there is a good restaurant on the street.那条街道上有一位很好的餐馆呀。

715. they covered 120 miles in a single night.你们仅一晚上就走了120英里路拉。

716. try to look on the bright side of things.尽力从好的方方面面看拉。

717. what&39;re welcome to stay with us next time.欢迎您下次再莅临咋们的饭馆了。

720. there was a murder in london yesterday. 近日伦敦产生了一块谋杀案了。

721. they stared at the huge tiger with awe. 你们畏敬地看着那头巨虎呀。

722. he never misses a chance to see a movie.她从不错过看影视的机遇呢。

723. i cannot put up with my noisy roommates.我受不了我那些喧华的室友了拉。

724. i will be back by the end of next month.我下个月尾会归来呢。

725. i&39;s go out to have a dinner, shall we?我们出来用饭吧,好吗?

728. please push the ladder against the wall.请把梯子靠在墙壁上呀。

729. she is standing in the front of the bus.他站在公共汽车的前部呀。

730. the doctor asked me to watch what i eat.醫生要我注重饮食呢。

731. the grass is moist early in the morning.清早的草地湿淋淋的呀。

732. the test finished. we began our holiday.考核结尾了,咋们最先放假了。

733. this question is too complicated for me.这一个疑对我说来太繁杂了啦。

734. tony speaks english and he plays tennis.托尼会说英语,打网啦。

735. what is worth doing is worth doing well.只想要您以为某事值得去作,就必定要把她做好呢。

736. would you like to go to a party with me?您想不愿和我一同去参与一位集会?

737. all at once, a rabbit came out of a hole.忽然,一只兔子从一位洞中跑了进去啦。

738. all characters in the book are imaginary.书中一切的角色都是虚拟的呀。

739. do you feel like going to that new disco? 您想去哪个新开的迪厅

740. ducks know how tom when they are born.鸭子先天会游水

741. he spent most of his life gathering money.她终身多数时候用来积累财产呀。

742. he usually stays at home with his pet dog.她平时跟她的爱犬待在家里呢。

743. how peaceful and beautiful the country is啦!非常安静美丽的国家呀么!

744. i am told that you dance wonderfully well.我传闻您的舞跳得特棒呀。

745. i have had several conversations with him.我曾经和她谈过几回了呀。

746. it is the best film that i have ever seen.这是我所看过的最棒的影视拉。

747. it&39;t often have a bad day this year.你们这年的好运还不错了。

757. we regard the matter as nothing important. 咋们以为这一件工作不主要了。

758. we&39;t calm down.我怎能掌控我本人?我没法冷静下来啦。

764. i dig songs and i like pop music very much.我希奇喜好歌曲和流行音乐呀。

765. i&39;s check please.我想兑换旅行支呀。

766. i&39;s odd that they didn&39;t fit her. she is too thin.这一件衣裳不适宜他,他太瘦了呀。

776. the examination put a lot of stress on him.那次考核给了她太大的压力呀。

777. the mother sat the child at a little table.母亲放置儿子坐到小桌旁啦。

778. there is some difference between the twins.这对孳生有点儿不同样呢。

779. they insisted on staying rather than going.你们保持留下来,而不乐意走

780. trust me, the game is really worth playing.信赖我,这的确值得一玩呀。

781. unlike her friends, she never gave up hope.与他的同伴的不同之处是,他从不抛弃盼望了。

782. well done吧! you are always doing a good job拉!干得不错吧!您老是干得很突出么!

783. we&39;t mrs. lee&39;t think it will lead to a good result.我以为这事不会有什麽好结局呢。

795. i have 4 books and 2 magazines to check out.我有4本书和2本杂志要借拉。

796. i think i&39;m not sure whether i have locked the door.我没把握能否锁了门了。

798. it took him a little time to fix that watch.她很快就把表修补好了啦。

799. my father is at home looking for the ticket.我父亲现在家里找呢呀!

800. not until last week did i get a work permit.直到上周我才拿到事情许可证呢。

801. she intends to make teaching her profession.他想以教书为职业呢。

802. the letter &34; stands for an unknown number.字母x代表未知数拉。

803. the sight of the dead body scared him stiff.看到遗体把她吓僵了拉。

804. there are lots of huge buildings in beijing.在北京有很多又高又大的建筑物啦。

805. there is an interesting film on channel one.在一频道有一部意思的影视呀。

806. they plan to immigrate to finland next year.你们谋划再过一年移居芬兰拉。

807. we enjoyed driving along the new expressway.咋们喜爱沿着新建的高速公路开车拉。

808. we need to cooperate perfectly to win the game.要想博得竞赛,咋们须要密切配合呀。

809. we need more than listening. we need action吧!咋们须要的不但是听得进看法,咋们要的是行-动啦。

810. yes. i wouldn&39;s words made him feel comfortable.醫生的话让她感受很舒适呢。

826. the truth is quite other than what you think.事实真相和您所想的一切区别呢。

827. they stopped talking when their boss came in.当老板进去的时刻;你们终止了攀谈呢。

828. they were glad of the examination being over.你们为考核结尾了而开心拉。

829. this is by far the largest cake in the world.这是现在世界上最大的蛋糕了啦。

830. whichever you choose, you won&39;ll be with you in an instant.等一下,我马上就来

837. you&39;t afford to go to a restaurant every day.天天都去餐馆用饭,我真是付出不起呢。

843. i left at 6:00 so that i could catch the train.我六点钟出门,以便追上火车呀。

844. i&39;t sleep when you eat so much.您吃这么多难怪失眠啦。

847. please ask her to call me back when she&39;ll lose face.假如汤姆不可以信守诺言,她就会丢面子啦。

858. i&39;t love me.即便他不爱我,我还依然爱他呢。

859. i received an invitation, but i did not accept it.我收到-份请柬,但有无接收拉。

860. if i were you, i would not be bothered by english.假如我是您,就不会为英语烦扰了了。

861. if you don&39;m thinking of hanging the lamp from the ceiling.我计划把灯吊在天花板上啦。

863. it is more important to be healthy than bony slim.安康永久比皮包骨头好啦。

864. long ago, people believed that the world was flat.很久以前人们信赖地是平的啦。

865. old tunes are sweetest and old friends are surest.老调最甜蜜,好朋友最牢靠了。

866. she makes it clear that she doesn&39;s wound carefully.医生仔细检查了兵士的伤口啦。

869. the harder i study, the better my english will be.我越勤奋,我的英语就会越好呀。

870. the sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear.阳光闪灼,空中蔚蓝拉。

871. this cellar room is very damp in the rainy season.这间地下室在潮湿多雨的季节十分湿润呢。

872. computers are becoming a part of our everyday life.电子计算机正慢慢变成咋们日常生活的一部分拉。

873. every man is fool sometimes, but none at all times.每一个人都有愚昧的时刻,可是有无一位人永久愚笨拉。

874. he dreamed of traveling to remote south sea islands.她曾愿望到迢遥的南海诸岛去游览啦。

875. how can i climb up that wall拉! i wish i were a bird麽!我怎样可以或许爬得上那堵墙?我假如一只鸟就好了呀!

876. however, susan has not really made up her mind yet.但是,苏珊却还有无决策呀。

877. i really think a little exercise would do you good.我确实以为做点活动对您有利益呢。

878. i will never forget the days that i spent with you.我永久都不会遗忘和您一同渡过的日子啦。

879. we got a bad headache, and my nose is running.我头痛得利害,还流鼻涕啦。

880. many young girls dream of being a fashion model.很多年青女孩愿望变成时装模特儿呀。

881. most of the earth&39;s knocking at the door. i&39;m sorry, these 2 books are 3 days overdue.美女,对不起,这两本书曾经逾期3天了呢。

900. jalu has forgotten falling off his bicycle.詹露早忘记她从白行车上摔下来这一件事了啦。

901. manners are quite different from country to country.每个国的礼节各异拉。

902. not only did i know her, but i was her best friend.我不单熟悉他,仍然他最棒的同伴呀。

903. the best-known movie awards are the academy awards.最闻名的影视是奥斯卡金像拉。

904. we&39;s dog吧!咋们得对街坊的狗选取点行-动了拉!

905. will you come and join us for dinner on sunday?星期天来和咋们共进晚餐好吗?

906. do you think people are a company&39;t reached the summit of my career.我信赖我还有无到达工作的顶峰了。

909. it is no matter whether you get there early or late.您早到晚到都有无干系呀。

910. it&39;s business.我在我的时候里干什么基本不关他人的事拉。

913. what i want to do is different from those of others.我想作的与他人区别了。

914. you forget to write down the date of your departure.你忘了写离店日期了了。

915. “i wish i&34;, she said.“我假如早点晓得这一个规则就好了拉!”他说呀。

916. could you tell me your secret for a long, happy life?您能告知我长期地过着高兴的生涯的窍门吗?

917. he holds a position of great responsibility upon him.她负责着一位责任重大的职务啦。

918. it is said he has secret love affairs with two women拉!听说她背地里和2个美女有干系拉!

919. number 13 buses run much more frequently, don&39;ll be able to go to sleep fight away?您以为您立刻就能睡着吗?

924. i am in charge of the company when the manager is out.经-理不在时山我来治理公司拉。

925. i borrowed a notebook from tom and i lent it to marry.我从汤姆那边借了一本笔记本,我又把她借给玛丽了呢。

926. i&39;t see these atoms, they really do exist.尽管咋们看不见原子,但它们确实存在啦。

933. i am familiar with the casual atmosphere in the company.我对公司中这类轻松的气氛感觉很熟习呢。

934. most people eat, write, and work with their fight hands.大多数人用饭,写字,事情都用右手拉。

935. only by working hard can we succeed in doing everything.仅有勤奋,才气成-功

936. take it easy, you will be all right in a couple of days.呀。别担忧,您两天以内就会康复的了。

937. the beatles represented part of the spirit of their age.甲壳虫乐队代表了你们时期的部-分精力拉。

938. there being no one to help me, i had to do it all alone.由于有无人帮-助我,我不能不自力完结这项事情啦。

939. how much cloth does it take to make a skirt for the girl?女孩作一条裙子要用几多布?

940. with all these mouths to feed, he didn&39;m supposed to give today.我忘了筹备今日的我该作的讲演了呢。

942. it&39;s been quite different since coming back from america.从美国归来以后,他变化很大拉。

945. today it is common that women and girls make up in public.今日,在公开场合看到主妇和女人化装妆扮是很基本上的事呀。

946. i have to transfer to no. ll bus, but where is the bus stop?我须要换乘11路公共汽车,可是汽车站在哪儿?

947. i supposed him to be very clever but he was in fact a fool.我认为她很机灵,本来她是个蠢货啦。

948. the rabbit ran to the woods and did not come back any more.兔子跑进了丛林再也有无进去了拉。

949. tom and mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter.汤姆和玛丽为咋们千金的出世向咋们表示祝贺拉。

950. i can&39;s nothing better for you than plenty of water and sleep.您最棒多喝水多歇息了。

957. you should always depend on yourself rather than someone else.您应当是依赖您我,而不-足他人呢。

958. i would like to express to all of you here our sincere welcome.让我向在坐诸位致以最真诚的迎接呢。’

959. many people prefer living in the country to living in the town.很多人喜爱住在乡村而不喜爱住在都市拉。

960. since i&39;d like to try a typical dish of this country.既然来了,我想吃这一个国家特有的食品了。

961. walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine.左右楼梯可比什麽健身器都要好了。

962. had it not been for the alarm clock she wouldn&39;m usually just using the search engines to look up information.我平时不过用搜索引擎找一些材料了。

968. he goes home early everyday for fear that his wife would be angry.她天天很早就回家,省得妻子气愤呢。

969. i regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you employment.很遗憾地告知您,咋们没法聘用您了。

970. i will continue my learning, though i am tired of learning english.只管我很烦英语,我仍然要学她拉。

971. li bai is one of the greatest poets that have ever lived in china.李白是祖国有史以来最宏伟的读书的人之一拉。

972. many people complain that computers are taking over their jobs.很多人埋怨说计算机现在接管人的事情拉。

973. the cupboards in her kitchen were full of things she did not need.他厨房的橱柜中放满了他不须要的东-西拉。

974. what be said did not annoy me much, for i knew he did not mean it.我并不在乎她所说的,我晓得她不-是哪个意义拉。

975. he asked me some personal questions, but i would never answer them.她了我几个私人疑,我基本不想回覆拉。

976. i don&39;t have to stand in line.不论去那里,只想要不必站着列队就行了。

977. she likes mike a lot, but she doesn&39;t you find a job and end this dependence upon your parents?您为什么不找个职业.再也不依赖您的爸妈呢?

979. will you please try to find out for me what time the train arrives?能不可以请您帮我查查火车什麽时刻到?

980. a good knowledge of english will improve your chances of employment.英语好将有助于增添他们的就业机会呀。

981. if she finds out you spilled ink on her coat, she&39;t look at the others because he was nervous.史密斯帅哥晓得杰克不敢看他人是因为慌张了。

984. on being introduced to somebody, a british person often shakes hands.英国人被推荐给他人的时刻经常和对方握握手啦。

985. i want to take a walk along the river bank, singing my favorite songs.我想在河畔漫步,唱我喜爱的歌拉。

986. many people believe that overweight results from overeating and stress.许多人以为肥壮超重是因为吃得过多和压力形成的了。

987. yet all these things, different as they seem, have one thing in common.但是全部这一些东-西,看上去虽区别,但却有一位共同点拉。

988. all my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry.一切美妙的回忆又在我脑海清楚地显现了,有一些乃至还令我流泪呀。

989. this is the most wonderful day of my life, because i&39;d listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs.当我仍然个童贞的时刻,我常听着收音机,期待我最喜爱的歌呀。

991. i&39;ll go to see the film, because he&39;ll have to pay the fine before you check those books out.在您借书以前您要先付清罚款了。

993. hi麽! you guys keep talking so loudly that i have to speak at the top my voice啦!哎拉!他们不停这个样子高声发言,我都不能不扯着嗓子谈话了拉。

994. we should not only know the theory but also how to apply it to practice.咋们不单要晓得理-论,还要晓得怎么样把理-论使用于学习和验证拉。

995. combining exercise with the diet may be the most effective way to lose weight. 活动与节食联合或许是减肥最有用的路径呢。

996. the maximum weight allowance is 60 kilos per traveler, excluding hand luggage. 每一个游客托运的行李最大重-量限额是60千克,手提行李除外拉。

997. you are just putting on a little weight. i believe you'll get that off easily.您不过略微胖了些.很快就会复原的啦。

998. in many countries, more and more companies are replacing people with computers.在很多国家有愈加多的公司运用电子计算机来取代人啦。

999. there are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard麽!冰箱边.洗碗槽下,另有橱柜内里都有老鼠吧!

1000 where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者,事竟成麽!




祖国商飞公司副总经理 魏应彪她向全世界市场供给了一款高水平.牢靠.平安的商用飞机成品,飞机托付也仅仅是一位新的最先,咋们还会在航路上接收许多航空公司.航路.搭客,包罗飞行员.机务.乘务的感觉和体验,这款飞机未来怎样要由你们来说了算呀。



祖国东航副总经理 党组成员 刘铁祥咋们一开始的时候要完结检验飞翔,保证C919知足中国民航运转及格请求以后,夺取在2023年春季正式投入贸易载客飞翔了。咋们会把C919投入东航的商务航路.极品航路,好比从上海总部基地,飞往北京.西安.昆明.广州.成都.深圳等地呢。跟着更多飞机的托付和其余事情的推动,我希望东航C919在以后能飞向世界各地呀。





祖国商飞适航工程中间主任 路遥咋们是这年的9月29号获取的型号合格证,2个月以后咋们又获取了出产许可证,这张证意味着咋们的制造厂能够根据咋们要和正应的策画,来连续稳固.不停地出产适航的平安的飞机了。


祖国商飞适航工程中间主任 路遥此刻咋们是在作一位演示检验,模仿航空公司经营的飞翔行动,还要提升比如说更低能见度的起降才能,直至目前上最领先能够做成0能见度的起降,未来也会持续优化去完成这个样子的目的呀。


商飞客服托付用户 咋们筹备好了



祖国商飞客服公司副总经理 佟宇这里便是咋们C919的飞翔模拟机,咋们能够出种种练习的文科和区别的情形,如今我曾经配置了一位雷雨气候,全部以后模拟机上边显现便是雷雨情形,现在这一个驾驶舱便是和C919 1:1等含量的驾驶舱拉。

现在, 针对飞翔.修理.乘务.运控等职员的培训已凌驾300人次,为后续C919平安运转做好了保证呢。


祖国商飞客服公司副总经理 佟宇为了确保手册的完整性.准确性和及时性,让客户拿起身好读好用,咋们展开了十分巨大的检验事情,包罗书面检验.在试验台上的检验,另有在真机上的检验,托付的是40本手册,本来是通过了多年的累积呢。


祖国商飞客服公司副总经理 佟宇现在来看,咋们在人员配备.组织架构.营业才能方方面面,都一切知足C919飞机运转支撑和保证办事的请求呀。咋们也有决心,关于C919飞机运转咋们筹备好了拉。

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